In the 62 years of my life, I have been chronically ill. After just a few months with Tim I have steadily improved. Tim is definitely someone to whom I entrust my health and well-being.
- Jack Ronan

Dr. Dymond takes the mystery out of health care, willingly shares vital information and empowers his patients to take control of their own health and well being.
- Gillian Hanson

I have always been skeptical of homeopathic treatment. Until I developed a problem that involved chronic pain that western medicine seemed unable to treat or even diagnose, I had not considered alternative medicine. Although there is a literature concerning my condition, these doctors were unaware of it and were stymied when it came to treatment. This is medical therapy at its very finest — medicine that treats the whole body rather than discrete symptoms and that relies on systematic rather than piecemeal approaches.
- Professor, University of San Francisco

I am very grateful for Dr. Dymond’s expertise in naturopathic medicine. I have been diagnosed with HIV and hepatitis C and I take a multitude of western, traditional medications and suffer from serious side effects. Dr Dymond has prescribed a great supplemental program of vitamins and herbs that compliment my western meds and ease my symptoms. I am much healthier since my treatment with Dr. Dymond has begun. I have benefited greatly from Dr. Dymond’s care and would recommend him to anyone.
- Guy Lowe

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Dr. Tim Dymond, ND

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